The "History Makers" just sort of happened! I was just sitting down when I literally just started writing! Out of nowhere I had written 10000 words and had the start of a saga involving a young girl and her helpful guardian angel. 


The idea arrived in my head as I was staring at a blank screen striving for inspiration. I was thinking about the sequel to "Gods" and suddenly started thinking about what it would be like if I, as a writer, were to have an effect on the world around me by the very words I wrote. And then as the idea started to coalesce, I considered the possibilities if the writer could actually not only effect the world around him, but effect history itself. After that the words just kept coming.


The truth is, "Gods" was a very "masculine" book. Men were the main protagonists, and so they played a major part in the telling of the story. "Makers" started with a male lead, but I realised that the story needed a much more idealistic character as its main player, and so "Tess" was born. I must admit to having a soft spot for her character. She was a young lady with an outlook on her own life that was obviously lacking in hope, but as adversity came into her life, she faced her trial with bravery and forttitude that I can honestly say most of us could only hope for.


The truth is I dont know if Tess's character will ever return, but I like to think that there is always a possibility of my imagination coming up with a new adventure for her!

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