Hades was an odd story for me. I had finished "The History Makers" and was (yet again!) contemplating the sequel to "Gods" when I found myself contemplating global cataclysms and the many types that we have considered. "Hades" really came about because as I considered these possibilities, I wondered what would happen if the major powers of the world (the ones that everyone consider to be the ones that run things) were suddenly gone because of such a cataclysm, and who might step in to run things afterwards. 


The truth is, I was pretty proud of "Hades" once I completed it. I felt that I had come up with a story out of nowhere, and had e-published it just over three weeks after typing the first words. I was also given a kick ass design for the cover! I also liked the character of "Nathan Crew", he was  larger then life, and an unstoppable individual who would get the job done, or die trying. Loved it, and hope that anyone who reads it, enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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