"Gods" came about because Neil had always been facinated by the legend of Merlin. He had always enjoyed the Arthurian legend, but by far his favorite character had been Merlin, and it occurred to him one day that the world would be very shocked if a being with such power suddenly turned up in the modern world.


As the idea sat in the back of his head without ever being placed onto paper, the idea developed and continued to slowly grow until one day Neil decided to just start writing.


And so the character of "Majes" was born. The individual that Neil wanted to portray was not so much a creature that was evil (although if you read the book, it is very obvious that he is capable of it!) but more a being who had great and terrible power and was himself used by it. Neil's development of the character became such that as he says in his own words "Majes is a tragic character. He has enormous power, and yet all he really seems to crave is a challenge. And becuse of this he is never satisfied with what he has. He can never be happy, because he can never really have anything that truly makes life worthwhile." Because of this Neil feels that Majes is what made the book relevant to todays world, a character so involved in his own abilities, that he never takes the time to smell the roses. Very similar to the fast paced life of the modern world.


And so the first 25000 words were done. The idea was on paper and had a begining, but no middle, and certainly no end. And so it remained. 


For over 8 years. Yep thats right 8 years!


And then one day, Neil just started writing again. It was simple really, the ideas started to flow, and within a very short while the book was completed, as the hardest part of doing it was the rewrite, and most importantly, the spelling check!


Once completed, Neil sat back and viewed his book with limited satisfaction. For although finished it still remained as nothing more than a file on a computer. So he made his choice. And published on Amazon Kindle. right or wrong the deed was done.


Will "Gods" be a success? Who knows, but what Neil knows is this, he feels he must write, and if in some way he writes stories that people enjoy, all the better.


As what is life without the joy of knowing that someone out there has found happiness in something that you have created.

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