Well if you are looking at this page, you probably want to know something about the author Neil Methven, so lets tell you about him.


As you look at the gallery on this web site the first thing you will notice is that he obviously likes martial arts. His first introduction to this came in a Judo class when he was only 9 years old. Neil has continued to train in martial arts since this time, training primarily in Karate but also in Ju Jitsu, Wing Chun and Escrima.


Although he loves martial arts, the truth is that Neil has always felt that there was something else in his life he REALLY wanted to do.


And that was write.


He had toyed for many years with the idea of writing a book on Martial arts, but always believed that his real passion for writing fell into the area of fiction. Primarily Science fiction, but as Neil loves most types of fiction, he felt that whatever he would be writing there would be an element of more than one genre involved. And so an idea was born, and from it came his first Novel "Those Who Would be Gods"


It didnt happen in a day, or a month or even a year, for as many people who have tried to write know, sometimes although you have an idea, putting it on paper is only the start, it often takes a little bit more. But in March of 2016, Neil submitted "Gods" to Kindle and published.


What else is there to say? He has two wonderful children that he loves more than life. He has always loved literature, and he loves writing. 


If you want more information on the "Gods" or the "History Makers" Series, please click on the icon to the left of this column, this will also give you a tab that will talk about upcoming projects that Neil is working on.


Oh yeah, there are many more books to come, and so many ideas in his head that it is possible that he will never stop. So keep watching this site for his continuing adventures!





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